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  • ARIIX has 7 Owners with over 125 years of Experience in MLM
  • ARIIX 2018 Sales were $220 Million and they are on track for $250+ Million in 2019
  • ARIIX has Industry 1st, Representatives "Bill of Rights"
  • ARIIX has 8 Unique Brands & 45 products in the Health & Wellness Industry and Travel
  •      — Optimal Nutrition
  •      — Weight Management System
  •      — Pure Water & Air Filtration
  •      — Anti-Aging Skincare 
  •      — Essential Oils
  •      — Personal Care Products
  •      — Energy Drinks 
  • ARIIX Pays Out 50% of Sales to is Representatives, a True Partnership
  • ARIIX has offices in 12 Countries and is Shipping into 37 Countries
  • ARIIX's Up Front Bonus (Team Lead Bonus) Pays MORE than Any Other Compensation Plan While Points Still Roll Up.
  • ARIIX has Industry 1st, Founders Club with profit sharing
  • ARIIX has 3 Patents on the ARIIX Compensation Plan
  • Build Unlimited Width and Depth
  • ARIIX Travel, receive every dollar you send in Travel Rewards
  • ARIIX Medical Plan, Another Huge Benefit
  • ARIIX Diamonds, purchase diamonds and customer jewelry at wholesale.
  • ARIIX pays an extra 4% cost of living on your base commission
  • ARIIX has loyalty shopping allowing reps to purchase additional products each month at an extra 30-50% discount.
  • Reps earn AOR (ARIIX Opportunity Rewards) credits to purchase annual trips and extra products with.
  • ARIIX Launched July 4, 2011 and has shifted in to Momentum
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