ARIIX Enrollment Levels to Start Your New Business

Most people recognize that it is better to build their network marketing business with the opportunity to maximize their income potential over the long run.
As a result, those people get started with their one-time initial purchase of the ARIIX Elite Pack or the Ultimate Pack. Clearly, if that is not possible for you at this time, then you would choose the next best option for you. If that is your goal the more lines you have the more money you can make.
So we have identified the enrollment options for you below to make that choice. Once you have made your Enrollment Pack decision, it is important for you to get back together with the person who invited you so that you can get enrolled with a Priority Position immediately.

Deanna Latson, co-Owner & Chief Product Officer at ARIIX explains to you the product content of the Elite 1000 Pack.

ARIIX Business Levels 

While packs will still be available for easy purchase and points value, Representatives will now be able to achieve Business Levels based on their accumulative sales within the first four weeks:
Business Levels


Sales Points


Sales points include all product sold, whether it be to retail customers, preferred customers, or personal use. The more sales made in the first four weeks, the higher the Business Level. But it doesn't stop there.
Each Business Level unlocks a host of invaluable Business Enhancements (listed above) available to the Representative for the lifetime of their business. This means that the first four weeks are critical to success. These Business Enhancements will help an ARIIX Representative (1) grow their business faster, (2) earn more and (3) earn faster. The higher the Business Level, the more Business Enhancements are unlocked and available to you.
Business Levels will be very important as new and exciting enhancements get released in the coming months. Stay tuned and keep up the momentum — you won't believe what 2017 will bring!

Team Lead Bonus

Earn EXTRA for Products Sold to all members and preferred customers in there first 4 weeks depending on the Business Level you have achieved yourself. Example: You have a member join you and purchase 1000 points in products and your and Elite level you would earn $250. If you were a Ultimate level you would have earned $300.


The number of lines that a Representative starts with in their Income Position.

Doubles bonuses and discounts.

Offering additional reports, xOfficePremium combines powerful business analytics with advanced artificial intelligence to help direct you to the highest pay check possible. Complimentary time-frame based on Business Level.

Additional time for you to optimize your paycheck. Points from weekend orders can be manually applied to prior week’s volume by calling ARIIX Support,855-462-7449. Request must be placed by Monday at 6 p.m. MT. Applicable toBusiness, Elite and Ultimate levels.

Get involved — you may be selected top review new products and participate in product development surveys. Applicable to Business, Elite and Ultimate levels.

This is a unique opportunity to schedule a webinar for you and your team with theARIIX Executive of your choice (subject to availability). Includes the option to submit questions ahead of time for personalization. Applicable to Elite (1)and Ultimate (2) levels.

“The phone a friend” lifeline. This is your rare chance to schedule a phone call with the ARIIX Executive of your choice(subject to availability). Applicable toElite (1) and Ultimate (2) levels.

Avoid risk — promote your business legitimately! A personalized compliance review of your business is available once you reach Officer title and above or your one-year anniversary. Please contact theCompliance Department at for more information. Applicable to Elite (1) and Ultimate (1) levels.

An industry-first! The Power Re-Entry allows Representatives to take their businesses and paycheck to a whole new level and provides a lifetime of benefits.Details can be found in the compensation plan manual for your market. Applicable to Ultimate level.

Automatically qualify for Gold status,which unlocks your first three generationsof Matching Bonus for life. Applicable toUltimate level.

This is the guaranteed minimum percentage you will earn with the Team LeadBonus. A Representative can earn more depending on how much they sell to their customers (PCs and members). TheUltimate Business Level guarantees the highest TLB payout at 30%. Applicable to all Business Levels.

Auto-Balancing - 2-Lines vs 5 Lines

The ARIIX Products (6 Brands)

Optimal V - Critical Nutritional Support for Optimal Health
PV 31
Optimal M - Critical Nutritional Support for Optimal Health
PV 28
Vináli - Support Cardiovascular Health with Anti-Inflammatory properties
PV 31
Rejuveniix - Invigorating Natural Energy Boost
PV 40
Omega-Q - Neurological & Cardiovascular Support
PV 34
Biopro-Q - Support Your Body's Energy
PV 30
Restoriix - Detoxification for your cells, your blood & the gut
PV 55
Magnical-D - Support your bones, heart and cells
PV 25
MOA Go Pouches - 36 Superfoods to Nourish Your Body
PV 52
Slenderiix - Safe & Effective Homeopathic Weight Loss System
PV 76 (both)
Xceler8 - Safe & Effective Homeopathic Weight Loss System
PureNourish Natural - Nutrient dense low-calorie shake with enzymes, a variety of proteins including pea, cranberry & almond and 20% daily fiber & probiotics
PV 38
PureNourish Power Boost - enriched with cocoa, quickly replenishes energy and nutrients post-workout. Contains BCAAs
PV 8
PureNourish Beauty Boost - Naturally orange-flavored, Beauty Boost promotes healthy hair, skin and nails.
PV 8
Puritii Water Filter - The world's safest and most advanced portable water filtration system
PV 40
Puritii Stainless Steel Water Bottle 
PV 10
Puritii Water Bottles - BPA free plastic
PV 7
Puritii Air Filter - The world's safest and most advanced portable air filtration system
PV 1000
Body Wash - Gentle. Fresh. Clean.
PV 10
Shampoo - Wash Away the Pollution
PV 15
Conditioner - Smooth as (Shea) Butter
PV 15
Toothpaste - Naturally Simple​
PV 5
Calm - Relaxing Essential Oil Blend (14 Ingredients)
PV 30
Ice - Soothing Essential Oil Blend (14 Ingredients)
PV 30
Escape - Relieving Essential Oil Blend (10 Ingredients)
PV 20
Sentry - Defensive Essential Oil Blend (12 Ingredients)
PV 32
Coconut Oil 
PV 13
Instant Tightening & Restoring Serum
PV 42
Dark Spot Corrector & Brightening Cream
PV 59
PV 50
Peptide Plus Moisturizer
PV 50
Eye Effects 3
PV 35
Body Silk
PV 35
Rejuvenating Barrier
PV 50
Advanced Exfoliator
PV 30
Skincerity Renew
PV 50
PV 35
(PV = Point Value)


Business Level --- Sales Volume Points --- Lines in Your Business 

Ultimate --- 1500 Volume Points --- 5 Lines

Elite --- 1000 Volume Points --- 4 Lines

Business --- 500 Volume Points --- 3 Lines

Member Packs --- 150 Volume Points --- 2 Lines

BOS (Business Orientation System) $29.95 — It's required to purchase the BOS when you join ARIIX.

***IMPORTANT - The Auto-Delivery for ARIIX is 100 points in the European Union.

  • All prices exclude taxes and shipping.
  • B.O.S. Business Orientation System - for $29.95 (Required to be an Ariix Independent Representative)
  • 2X Membership $150- Doubles all ARIIX bonuses for LIFE! and entitles to 15% discount on all purchases
  • In order to maintain your commission eligibility each cycle, you must generate 75 personal volume (PV) points for US & 100 for all other countries in the first week of each cycle.
  • Setting up an ongoing Auto Delivery of 75 or more points is a convenient way to ensure you remain commission eligible and to retain the maximum product discount of 30%.
  • A representative has 4-weeks to upgrade when smaller enrollment pack was purchased.
  • See Compensation Plan “manual” for complete details!
  • The above packs and prices are for reference only and the final pricing is within the ARIIX online enrollment system.
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